Welcome to the Alonso S. Perales Elementary
Roadrunner Robotics Website!


Things we do...

* Meet 1 time a week (Thursdays 3:30 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.) after school to prepare for Competitions.

*We also meet on some Saturdays as needed before a competition.

*We build and program robots using LEGO EV3 software and test them to complete required tasks.

* Our goal is for our students to become planners, thinkers, problem solvers and good team members all while having fun.

* We have 2 competitions that we attend: FLL and the ERIC Competitions.

Thanks to our coaches for all of their time and effort.

Coaches: Mr. Rodriguez and Ms. DeLaTorre

Thanks to our administrators for all of their support.

Administrators: Ms. Silva and Ms. Vela

A Special thanks to our parents for trusting and supporting us while we teach their children.